Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy

Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious workplace problem. The vast majority of drug users are employed, and when they arrive for work, they don’t leave their problems at the door. Of the 17.2 million illicit drug users aged 18 or older in 2005, 12.9 million (74.8 percent) were employed either full or part time.

When it comes to workplace substance abuse, small businesses have big disadvantages. They are less likely than large companies to have programs in place to combat the problem, yet they are more likely to be the “employer-of-choice” for illicit drug users. Individuals who can’t adhere to a drug-free workplace policy seek employment at firms that don’t have one, and the cost of just one accident caused by an impaired employee can devastate a small business.

The good news is that small businesses have enormous power to improve the safety and health of their workplaces and employees by implementing drug-free workplace programs that educate employees about the dangers of drug abuse and encourage individuals with related problems to seek help. Such programs help reduce occupational injuries and illnesses and send a clear signal that employers care about the safety and health of their employees.

Some small businesses do not effectively address the issue due to a lack of resources, such as staff to seek information about it and provide assistance to employees who have related problems. This reluctance may be reinforced by confusion over the cost of running drug-free workplace programs and what action can be legally taken, particularly regarding drug testing and disciplinary procedures. We can provide a small business affordable turn-key drug-free workplace solutions.

A comprehensive drug-free workforce approach includes five components—a policy, supervisor training, employee education, employee assistance, and drug testing. Such programs, especially when drug testing is included, must be reasonable and take into consideration employee rights to privacy.


We Will Assist You In The Implementation Of An Approved Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Program:

  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy: Established to fit company needs with company approval.
  • Supervisor Training: Courses to understand drugs in the work place and suspicion of drug use.
  • Employee Education: We educate the employee through education using current courses content.
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Drug Testing: What does drug testing consist of?

All testing programs are administered in accordance with Federal Drug Free Workplace Testing Guidelines and State Regulations. If you need to set up your company Drug-free Workplace Guidelines, we will assist you in establishing your compliant drug-free workplace policy program.


When it comes to illicit drug use in the workplace, small businesses bear the heaviest burden.  About 44% of drug abusers work for small companies.  Does your company have the resources to handle the threat?

Upstate  Mobile Drug Testing drug-free workplace program for your business can:

Reduce claims and medical insurance costs over time

Reduce the cost of workers’ compensation insurance

Minimize theft and damage to equipment

Decrease sick days and low productivity

Increase trust and confidence among your employees

Other benefits of a drug-free workplace program for your  business include:

A healthier workforce

Safer workplace environment

Reduced accidents and claims

Larger government contracts; a drug-free workplace program is required for contracts over 25K

Better employee performance


The result?  A healthier bottom line!




Mobile Drug Testing of Upstate New York provides our services at workplaces throughout Central New York and Upstate New York including the greater areas of: Rochester, Syracuse, Cortland, Ithaca, Utica, Watertown, Oswego, Binghamton and Albany, NY