Training And Education

We offer convenient drug and alcohol free workplace 2 hour supervisor training that meets the DOT requirements. We can provide face to face classroom training at your facility, webinars, or on-line auto-tutorial web-based training for individuals. No matter the delivery method, all training includes the following:

Alcohol and drug testing procedures
Impact of drugs and alcohol on the workplace
Connection between employee performance and drug use
Criteria for recognizing potential alcohol and drug abuse
Proper procedures for documenting, confronting and referring violators
Resources and assistance available to drug abusers
Avoiding enabling behavior



Drug Free Workplace Employee Information 

Employee education ensures that your workers understand the requirements of your Drug Free Workplace policy. Upstate New York Mobile Drug Testing will create your employee education program and distribute it in written form. We do the work for you, so that you have a written policy in place for new hires, and at the time you roll out your program.
Participating in supervisor and employee training will help to limit your company’s exposure to liability associated with workplace drug and alcohol abuse. Upstate Mobile Drug Testing specializes in keeping businesses and their employees safe and healthy!